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Musings from the The Literary Lion, Peter Miller

Have A Lion?

If you have any interesting lion images of your own, that you’ve either collected or created yourself, please feel free to send photos or copies of your collectible or work and I would love to post it on the blog.  If it is a collectible, please send dimensions and history.  If it is for sale, let me know the price? Or, if you know of an interesting lion image that are for sale, I might be interested. Despite the fact that I’m absolutely intent on selling my lion collection, you just may whet this hungry lion collector’s appetite with the right item.  A lion must roar!

Please submit all lion images for the blog, and info about lion images for sale, to:


5 comments on “Have A Lion?

  1. Ace Passmore
    July 29, 2012

    Peter the Lion-hearted:

    Your energy is boundless–obviously The Lion (never) sleeps tonight.

    OK, I have a gift of Lions for you, but more visual than material: Some
    of my favorite Lion-related (real or symbolic) films I’d like to share. .

    Tarzan and the Golden Lion
    Wizard of Oz
    Born Free
    The Egyptian
    To Walk with Lions
    The Lion in Winter
    Chronicles of Narnia (3 films)
    The Ghost and the Darkness
    The Lion King

    And let’s not forget…the immortal MGM Lion who’s ushered us into high
    adventure for decades!

    Any more you or bloggers can add to the list?

    If you haven’t seen all of these, any you can catch on NetFlix might elicit
    a few raucous roars…


    • literaryleo
      July 30, 2012


      Thank you Roars.

      Fortunately I have seen all these films and then some. Tippi Hedren made a documentary called ROAR! Did you ever see it – about her 55 lions that she keeps/kept. It cost a fortune to feed them.

      I just heard about a film called Secondhand Lions that I may have seen but need to watch again. They say the memory is the second thing to go. I forgot what the first one was. Bada Bing.

      All the best,


  2. fearlesspuppy
    July 6, 2013

    Have tried a few avenues to get through to you, but Snow Lions never quit. I hope this gets through to you.
    Hello Peter,
    I have a project to raise funds to sponsor Wisdom Professionals (beginning with but not exclusive to Tibetan Monks and Nuns) that is sponsored by all the profits from two books I have written. Either book might also make a great film. The Reverend Dr. Linda suggested I contact you regarding the project, books, and the film possibility. All details, sample chapters, TV/radio interviews, materials regarding previous charitable projects I have done that involved senators, a governor, rock stars, pro sports teams, etc., a Congressional Record testimonial by Sen. Kerry, and a lot of other material are at the website.
    I hope you will be kind enough to take a moment to look at these materials, consider the possibility of us working together, and possibly offer constructive suggestions.
    Your time and attention is very much appreciated. Be well, Tenzin http://www.fearlesspuppy.org

    • literaryleo
      July 11, 2013

      Thanks for contacting me about this but this is not something I can take on at this time.

      Good luck,


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