A Literary Lion's Tale

Musings from the The Literary Lion, Peter Miller

More Wonderful Lion Videos

This lion remembered his trainers after one year apart! A Lion Remembers. Full story. You may cry!

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Morning Lion Love

Friends, How about some Lion Love? This clip is wonderful. Enjoy. Roars, Peter the Lionhearted

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Ban Lion Trade!

Please help ban all forms of Lion trade so The King of the Beasts can live and Roar. http://www.avaaz.org/en/1_million_to_ban_the_lion_trade_fbb/?cyvibcb I share this link for you as the thought of this … Continue reading

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Love from Lion Cubs

Dear Friends, Being a purveyor of artistic lions; I am also afforded many photos, links, songs and poems about lions. This gem was sent to me by Bob Fischer. Thanks … Continue reading

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Hug of the Century!

The woman in the video found this lion injured in the forest and about to die. She took the lion with her and nursed it back to health. When the … Continue reading

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