A Literary Lion's Tale

Musings from the The Literary Lion, Peter Miller

Seth Thomas Lion Clock

I purchased this gorgeous Copper Seth Thomas Clock with a British Lion about 1990 in East Hampton, NY.  The beautiful copper clock was very tarnished and didn’t work.  I took it to NYC … Continue reading

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Lion Piggy Bank

A unique turn of last century item! This gilded iron Lion “piggy bank” holds coins, which you insert in the head. There is a screw to open and close it … Continue reading

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Ban Lion Trade!

Please help ban all forms of Lion trade so The King of the Beasts can live and Roar. http://www.avaaz.org/en/1_million_to_ban_the_lion_trade_fbb/?cyvibcb I share this link for you as the thought of this … Continue reading

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Franklin Motorcar Rampant Lion

I was at an antique fair in New York City  and discovered a Franklin Bronze, 1920s rampant lion-hood ornament that once had been affixed on the hood of a Franklin … Continue reading

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Laughing Lion Box

Though it isn’t a very old  antique, it is still old enough to be called one and  a favorite lion images in this really happy box. Lion box, lacquered enamel. … Continue reading

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Bavarian Bronze

In my numerous adventures scouring the universe for lions , I discovered a Bavarian bronze lion, and was told it was quite rare.  This bronze beauty was rather costly, but … Continue reading

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