A Literary Lion's Tale

Musings from the The Literary Lion, Peter Miller

Lioness Photo by Gaye Mack

Photo by Gaye Mack “I shot this (with my camera!) in Kenya’s Masai Mara many years ago…I was there before it was overrun by hoards of mini buses and crazy … Continue reading

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Mother Lion Saves Cubs!

Scanning the surface of the water, her amber eyes alight upon a threat to her pride – a deadly crocodile lurking in the river that the family of lions must … Continue reading

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Ban Lion Trade!

Please help ban all forms of Lion trade so The King of the Beasts can live and Roar. http://www.avaaz.org/en/1_million_to_ban_the_lion_trade_fbb/?cyvibcb I share this link for you as the thought of this … Continue reading

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Lion Gifts

An interesting aspect of collecting a specific animal, and in my particular instance, lions, is that the passion for the hobby is contagious. People appreciate my passion for my hobby, … Continue reading

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Friday Jones Bday Card

This lion Image is a color pencil drawing; a Birthday Card that Friday Jones drew for me. Friday Jones is a world famous tattoo artist, check out her work: http://www.FridayJones.net. … Continue reading

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