A Literary Lion's Tale

Musings from the The Literary Lion, Peter Miller

The Lion Collector

Many decades ago, I ended up at an antique fair in Palm Beach, Florida, and I purchased my first lion. A regal, majestic, steel lion trimmed in brass. From that point on in the late 70′s, I started collecting images of lions. I’ve now have collected over 2,000 of them.  I particularly focus on the regal and majestic beauty of the lion beast as celebrated from the beginning of time in all forms and mediums.

So, here I am, a lion hunter. In my extensive travels around the globe, I’m always sniffing around in thrift shops, antique shops and antique fairs, hunting for lions. My habit is so bad that I had to stop myself from going on eBay, otherwise I will still find myself wide awake on my computer late at night, searching for lion images of every kind.

But the addiction still persists, despite the fact that I’m in the throws of selling the over 2,000 lions that I have collected over the years. Even as I’m trying to sell my lions, I’m also still tempted to buy new ones. I love giving people lions as I am lionizing them and it makes me proud. This blog is my way of holding onto the memories and spirits of my lions, and sharing them and stories surrounding with others, even though many of them they may soon be going to new homes.

The image of the lion is dignified and has been interpreted by man for thousands of years in thousands of forms from ivory headrest for Pharaohs taking them into the afterlife to the MCM and Peugeot lions. The purpose of this blog is to share dozens of my lion collecting stories with you. Perhaps I will also build a new fan base of lion collectors around the globe. Parenthetically speaking, there are probably more Leos in North America, then any other star sign,  because, what happens nine months after the holidays?  People like to celebrate around the holidays (beginning Thanksgiving) , and often times, babies are born – I know as I’m one of those babies. Please allow me to roar with you. Enjoy.

3 comments on “The Lion Collector

  1. ture schmidt
    July 19, 2012

    wow, sounds like you are the perfect case study for an astrologer.
    Sun conjunct Pluto in Leo and obsessed with lions that really sits well.
    I hope you have creative leonine fun with this blog!

    • literaryleo
      July 25, 2012

      You nailed this lion. I love my lion collections and sharing this passion with whomever visits my Blog. If you have any creative lion or Leo related work for the blog, please send it along. I hope other artists and creatives can have as much fun with the blog as I am. Being a cat is where it’s at!

  2. ture schmidt
    July 26, 2012

    I do have a recent post on my blog that has a Leo connection, its called “the woman with the red dress”. You can read it and if you think its suitable repost it.

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