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The Puppy That No One Wanted

Upcoming Releases – The Puppy That No One Wanted

Today’s Upcoming Release is an illustrated hard cover read brought to you by Anthony DeStefano. The Puppy That No One Wanted will be available on October 2, 2015.

“Anthony’s latest children’s book is wonderful and the illustrations by NY Times bestselling illustrator, Richard Cawdrey are amazing.  I hope you will pre-order this beautiful book and share it with all the children you know.” – Peter Miller, Literary Lion

The9781616369286_p0_v1_s260x420 Puppy That No One Wanted
Anthony DeStefano
Release Date : October 2, 2015

Bestselling author Anthony DeStefano teams up once again with renowned illustrator Richard Cowdrey to tell the tale of a scraggly, smelly little puppy who never loses hope that one day he will find a home of his own with a family to love. One rainy night, his dream comes true in an unexpected way when he meets a very special family. Rich in biblical imagery, this simple story of an adorable lonely puppy reveals the profound truth that all of us are really outcasts in life—and can only find our true home in God.

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