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Remembrance of Vincent Bugliosi

I am sad to share with you that my dear friend and client of 32 years, Vincent Bugliosi, author and prosecutor, passed away on Saturday, June 6th. Vincent had been struggling with his illness for several years but I am honored to have had the opportunity to know and represent him for such a long time. I’m writing a homage to him, which will be included in my next book. This book section will give me the opportunity to fully express the many moments I shared with Vince professionally and personally. In case you’re not aware, his New York Times Best Selling book “Helter Skelter“  as well as “The Prosecution of An American President” are available in DVD.  I highly recommend you view these. I have attached a link with an article that Dan’s Papers in East Hampton published August 3rd, 2001 when Vince was lecturing on his latest book The Betrayal of America. I’ve also attached a link of a photo of him and I that was taken before he testified before Congress many years ago on the Executive Abuse of Power.  May Vince Bugliosi rest in peace.

I will always remember him.


Peter Miller, Literary Lion




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